Faculty & Staff

Faculty & Staff

St. Mark School is a parish school. The school’s faculty & staff is led by the principal and assistant principal under the guidance of the pastor. The School Board is an advisory group who work with the pastor and principal in providing a quality Catholic education for Saint Mark students. Members who are appointed by the pastor serve for a term of three years with the possibility of a second consecutive term. The St. Mark School Board, in consultation with the principal, recommends policy to the pastor so that the school will be able to pursue its mission of education in the Catholic Church.



Pastor Father Santhosh George O.SS.T
Principal Mrs. Stephanie Rattell
Assistant Principal Mrs. Terry Ferro
Accounting Manager Mrs. Holly Novotny
Facilities Manager  Mr. Joe Salkeld
Advancement Director Mrs. Katie Stover
School Secretary Mrs. Jeanine Kaminski
Communications Coordinator Ms. Courtney Hancock
School Nurse

Mrs. Claudia Kordonski

Mrs. Jan McGrain

School Counselor Mrs. Carly Sites
Technology Director/Media Specialist Mrs. Keri Engel
Preschool 3 Year Olds Mrs. Maureen Phelps
Preschool 4 Year Olds

Mrs. Candie Morea

Mrs. Laurie Becker

Preschool Aides

Mr. Jeff Javier

Ms. Katie Renehan

Mrs. Lisa Olsen

Mrs. Mary Van Wyngaarden

Grade K1 Mrs. Michele Taylor
Grade K2 Mrs. Laura Sanders
Kindergarten Mrs. Kathy Majerowicz
Kindergarten Aide Mrs. Robin Workman
Grade 1A Mrs. Ann Johnson
Grade 1B Ms. Megan Workman
Grade 2A Mrs. Ginger Nalley
Grade 2B Mrs. Denise Alexander
2nd Grade Resource Teacher Mrs. Linda Ross
Grade 3A Ms. Kathleen Malcotti
Grade 3B Sr. Teresa Leimbach
Grade 4A Ms. Juliana D’Alessandro
Grade 4B Ms. Julia Middleton
Grade 5A Ms. Kristen Ostrander
Grade 5B Mrs. Amanda Crabb
Grade 6A Ms. Meghan Fennessy
Grade 6B Mr. Carl Berger
Grade 6C Mrs. Olivia Robinson
Grade 7A Mr. Brian Stahl
Grade 7B Mrs. Kate Le
Grade 7C Mrs. Ann Marie O’Donnell
Grade 8A Mrs. Christine Barrett
Grade 8B Mrs. Kelly Gage
Grades 5-6 Science Mrs. Phuong Vu
Grades 5-7 Religion Mr. Carl Berger
Kindergarten-Grade 4 Whatley Teacher Ms. Clairanne Chairs
Grades 5-8 Whatley Teacher

Ms. Dana Profili

Ms. Clairanne Chairs

Whatley Aides Mrs. Noreen Stinson
Art/Library Ms. Taylor Stillings
Physical Education Mr. Jeff Osburn
Physical Education Mr. Jay Jefferson
Music Mrs. Tessie Riebling
Spanish Mrs. Diana Wingler
Before and After Care Mrs. Sharon Howard

 Mr. Frank Kelly

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