Student Services

The following Guidance Counseling services are available at St. Mark School:

  • The Guidance Curriculum will provide guidance content in a systematic way to all students.  The purpose is to bring awareness, skill development, and application of the skills needed in everyday life.  We use the “Second Step” curriculum, an NCEA approved Comprehensive Guidance program.   PBIS, a system of Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports designed by the U. S. Department of Education, is also implemented at SPN School.
  • Responsive Services will address the immediate concerns of students. Programs available include individual and small group counseling (family/school), crisis intervention, consultation and collaboration for students, parents and staff, and referrals.
  • Individual Student Planning will assist students in monitoring and understanding their own development.  We help students with academic/career planning, goal-setting and self-awareness.
  • System Support includes program and staff support activities and services through needs assessment and consultation from administration, teachers, parents and students.

    Character Formation & Skill Building:

    • Self-Esteem Development: Students will learn to manage their feelings, have a positive self-concept, and value their uniqueness as a child of God.
    • Motivation to Achieve: Students will be provided educational opportunities, develop their academic potential, take responsibility for their educational planning, and understand how career choices affect their lifestyles.
    • Decision-making & Problem Solving: Students will learn problem-solving and decision-making skills, set goals and plan for future, and accept consequences for their actions.
    • Interpersonal and Cross-Cultural Effectiveness: Students will learn how to respect and accept self and others, make and keep friends, and participate effectively in group interactions.They will gain an understanding of the need to not only tolerate but appreciate differences in themselves and others.
    • Communication: Students will learn to effectively convey their message to others,l isten respectfully, and accept other people’s point of view.
    • Responsible Behavior:  Students will learn to accept  and respect rules, individual and group responsibilities, and manage their time efficiently .

    Nurses Corner:

    Sr. Vandana Thomas

    Number: 443-860-0926 ext 2309

    Please refer to the 2023-24 Student Handbook for information regarding St. Mark’s Epi-pen program.
    Additional Resources

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    National Catholic Educational Association
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    Intentional Catholic Parenting
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    PBIS of Maryland
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    Parenting during the Pandemic
    St. Mark School's Summer Hours are Monday-Thursday 8am-1pm